Applied Behavior Analysis

At JumpStart Autism Center, our focus is on teaching children the skills they need to succeed in life, using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and learning theory (i.e., operant conditioning) to establish positive habits and minimize or eliminate challenging behaviors.

There are a lot of myths and stigma surrounding ABA therapy, but ABA has been researched for over 35 years and is shown time and again to be the most effective intervention to help children reach their full potential.

What is Applied Behavior Analysis?

Our ABA therapy is a personalized plan, so no two clients will receive exactly the same treatment approach. In order to maximize our clients’ full potential we have developed a comprehensive Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Verbal Behavior Analysis (VBA) curriculum that allows for consistent and systematic treatments. The components of our ABA/VBA curricula include the following components:

  • An initial treatment assessment to see where a child is in relation to certain key developmental markers. We utilize the Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program (VB-MAPP) and/or the Assessment of Basic Language and Learning-Revised (ABLLS-R) for this purpose.
  • Our ABA/VBA curricula overlaps with the VB-MAPP, so we are able to accurately monitor your child’s progress across extended periods of time (e.g., months and years).
  • After an initial ABA treatment assessment, we will then focus on a single task at a time, breaking it into small steps or components. These smaller components will be taught one at a time, building into more complex behaviors. We use the initial treatment assessments to prioritize behaviors, starting first by modifying challenging behaviors like biting or self-harm, then moving on to important skills for learning, social skills, self-care, toileting etc. depending on your child’s needs.

Early in the treatment process we start teaching skills acquisition across multiple settings (e.g., home, school, and JAC’s Center), which allows for generalization of skills immediately. The focus of generalizing skills to a range of settings allows your child to display their skills across settings and individuals. Moreover, it decreases their reliance on prompts and increases their long-term independence.

  • We will provide ongoing assessments, monitoring of progress and making changes as necessary to your child’s therapy program to ensure the most effective treatment.

The ultimate goal of this therapy is to build habits that form the foundation of important and necessary skills, which then allows our Comprehensive Interventions to change your child’s developmental trajectory and allow your child to reach their full potential. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) will not “cure” autism, but it will help your child acquire the skills to become successful and realize their full potential.

There is hope! Helping your child reach their full potential will require a lot of work. JumpStart Autism Center’s therapists have the same urgency and high expectations as you do. We know time is limited and your child deserves nothing less than the MOST EFFECTIVE treatment and teaching approaches every single day.

What ABA Therapy is Not

Applied Behavior Therapy (ABA) therapy utilizes highly reinforcing activities to reinforce and increase less frequent behaviors, employ system-wide positive behavioral supports, and base interventions on positive reinforcement (i.e., provide rewards at the completion of a task). We do not bribe children or use punitive interventions at JumpStart Autism Center.

Applied Behavior Analysis does utilize the principles of operant conditioning as they apply to learning theory. This does not mean that the children are “trained” or “programmed” like robots. It simply means that we identify rewards that will motivate your child and use those to help build positive habits across all settings.

To learn more about our program or to enroll your child in treatment, contact us today. Our treatments are covered by all Affordable Care Act-compliant insurance policies and Medicaid.

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