Benefits of Applied Behavior Analysis

JumpStart Autism Center provides life-changing therapies for children with autism. Our center in Albuquerque was the first of its kind, creating a flagship ABA program for New Mexico’s autism treatments. Using our experience in the field and decades of available research, we are able to hone our methods to provide the best possible therapy and personalized attention for each of our clients.

What Can Be Achieved With ABA?

ABA, or Applied Behavior Analysis, is a treatment method utilizing operant conditioning to establish positive habits and eliminate unwanted or challenging behaviors. It combines ongoing assessments with an understanding of a child’s specific needs and motivations in order to ensure the best results and create a learning environment that will foster progress.

Essentially any behavior can be modified through ABA. As long as the behavior can be broken down into components and rewarded in some way, ABA will be successful.

ABA Benefits

Applied Behavior Analysis is about more than modifying behavior. The ultimate goal is to instill habits that can be built upon, creating a foundation for a successful life. The benefit of ABA is that it can teach skills and behaviors that a child with autism may otherwise struggle to learn in a different environment. Some of the most obvious benefits of ABA include:

  • Children can learn necessary social skills and adaptive life skills. Basic skills like peer interactions, feeding, toileting, dressing, self-care and play can be taught through ABA, adding significant quality and independence to a child’s life.
  • By acquiring foundational “learning to learn” skills (e.g., attending, verbal imitation, motor imitation, and following instructions), a child can move on from our comprehensive ABA program into a school with great success. A portion of our clients who have participated in our intensive and Comprehensive ABA programs from an early age eventually became indistinguishable from their neuro-typical peers after two years of ABA treatment. Although this is our goal for every one of our clients, individual progress varies based on range of factors.
  • The ABA therapy is designed to reduce stress and uncertainty in our child’s life. Children with autism frequently find comfort in the repetition and routine of the therapy. The focus on positive and immediate rewards for behavior provides motivation for learning good habits, and it eliminates the stress and uncertainty that can come from other unorganized teaching environments that are not well-designed for handling children with autism.

Our treatments are fully personalized to each individual client, and ongoing assessments ensure that we are always targeting the right behaviors and making progress. By maintaining small staff-to-client ratios, we can provide significant personal attention, and the small group activities among clients mean that children can practice social skills in a safe and controlled environment.

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