Direct Instruction

One of the most successful autism instruction strategies we employ at JumpStart Autism Center is Direct Instruction. This is a specific teaching methodology that has been proven effective in instructing children with autism and enabling them to learn necessary skills and content. In our center, Direct Instruction time is especially important because it happens in small groups, allowing children to practice their social skills and interactions with peers while also learning valuable skills.

What is Direct Instruction?

Direct Instruction is a systematic and explicit method of teaching. Instructors use a specific, uniquely designed curriculum and stick to the carefully-planned lessons. Lessons are built upon many of the same principles as ABA therapy: tasks are broken into smaller components, the material increases in complexity as the student progresses, and positive reinforcement is given for correct responses at each step.

Essentially, Direct Instruction combines the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis with the idea of “rule learning.” It works especially well for things like language and arithmetic that are usually learned through rote memorization; by combining rule learning with the rewards system and systematic approach of ABA, Direct Instruction can be highly effective in providing children with a solid foundation of learning.

Group Settings

The best autism instruction strategies are tailored to the specific needs and skill level of the children being taught. Direct Instruction utilizes ongoing assessments to identify a child’s skill level, and children are grouped by skill level rather than age or grade level. This ensures that children are always receiving the instruction best suited to their needs and that all children receive equal instruction – the lessons will not be too advanced or too basic for any individual in the group. This makes Direct Instruction highly efficient.

Personal Attention

By keeping our enrollment small, we are able to provide the individual attention and ongoing assessment that each child needs. Space in our program fills up quickly, so don’t delay in contacting us if you are interested in enrolling your child.

Call (303) 284.7328 to learn how to enroll your child in our program.