Our Staff and Career Opportunities

JumpStart Autism Center was founded by Dr. Brian Lopez, a clinical psychologist specializing in the diagnostic assessment and evidence-based treatments of children with neurodevelopment disabilities. He has applied his 15 years of experience in the field and his compassion and knowledge to the formation of JAC.

At the time, there was no similar ABA program available in New Mexico. JAC became the flagship for autism treatments in the state. Now, our Denver treatment center has opened under the same quality leadership and staff that made JAC a success in Albuquerque.

Our Team

We pride ourselves on the quality of our team. Our clinical staff includes clinical psychologists, behavior analysts, speech language pathologists, and registered behavior technicians. All staff members receive quality training and supervision, ensuring the best possible learning environment for the children at our center. Many of our new hires join our team to make a difference in children’s lives. However, they find themselves learning a set a new set of skills and working in a supportive environment, and many of our staff then choose Behavior Analysis as a career path.

Join The Team and Start a New Career Path

We are looking for talented, outgoing, energetic and passionate professionals to join our team. If you are committed to changing the lives of children and can contribute your talents to our center, we want to hear from you!

All JAC staff will need to earn their Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) certificate. We will provide the necessary training and evaluations for this. The initial training takes up 1 to 2 months. We provide ongoing training and supervision, which includes a monthly all staff trainings for continual improvement and development. If you are the type of person that has the drive to change children’s lives each and every day, then complete and send us a JAC Behavioral Interventionist application. We will schedule an observation and interview.

JumpStart Autism Center offers independent field supervision for those students studying behavior analysis. JumpStart Autism Center’s internship is intensive, highly structured, intellectually challenging, and designed as a full-time position. We view our internship as a career path and as a means for us to train our next generation of highly skilled Clinical Supervisors.

Unlike other supervision arrangements, we do not require to pay for the supervision you receive. The supervision will occur through individual and group learning opportunities. Although we accept JAC Internship Applications throughout the year, our internships cohorts start at the beginning of each trimesters (i.e., August, January, and June). We have a limited number of internship slots each year, and we frequently have current RBTs applying to BCBA programs, who will also be applying for our internship positions.

Benefits of Employment at JAC

We offer competitive salaries, health and dental insurance, paid days off (annual leave and Federal holidays), and an automatic 3% contribution by JAC to your 401(k) account established through JAC.

JAC believes in “work hard, play hard” and treats its staff as extended family. To learn more about our organization, tour our center, or to apply for a position, please contact us today!

Call (303) 284.7328 to inquire about our job openings.